New Order, Iggy Pop, Steve Coogan mark anniversary of Tony Wilson’s death in tribute video – watch

Factory Records founder passed way in 2007

A host of musicians have paid tribute to Tony Wilson, Manchester music scene legend and Factory Records founder, on the eighth anniversary of his death.

Wilson passed away on August 10, 2007, with poet Mike Garry and musician Joe Duddell now releasing a tribute song in his honour, ‘St Anthony: An Ode To Anthony H Wilson’.

The track’s accompanying video features cameos from Iggy Pop, New Order members Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert, plus actor Steve Coogan.


Watch below.

Speaking to The Guardian, Sumner said: “I think ‘St Anthony…’ is a very fitting and moving epitaph. I was very shocked by Tony’s death. He always seemed so young and enthusiastic in spirit. He had the attitude of a man in his 20s, which I thought was a great way to be.”

He continued: “Tony Wilson was no saint, but he was a good man who did good things by using his position in the media to help musicians, artists and poets to grow. He didn’t need to do that, and he didn’t do it for the money, he did it because he was trying to do good for the culture of the city he lived in and loved.”

“Most people will have had some experience of cancer either personally or via a friend or family member. I know I have. So it is fantastic that all proceeds from ‘St Anthony…’ will go to cancer research, and it’s also very moving to know that even after all these years, people are still thinking of him, Ian Curtis, Martin Hannett and Rob Gretton.”