Rare letters written by The Doors and John Lennon go up for auction

Rare memorabilia by The Beatles and Ramones also goes under the hammer

Letters written by Doors singer Jim Morrison and John Lennon have gone up for auction.

The items were put up for sale alongside autographed and rare memorabilia from The Beatles, the Ramones and punk rebel GG Allin at RR’s Marvels of Modern Music auction.

Morrison’s letter was penned from L’Hotel in Paris, where the singer moved after his band finished recording ‘LA Woman’ in March 1971 less than three months before his death.


The letter states: “Sorry not to have written sooner. It doesn’t seem like I’ve been here this long. We’ve been travelling – in Spain, (Granada was best) Morocco, Southern France & Corsica – where I lost my jacket, money etc. & had to fly back to Paris to wait for more. If Sicily is anything like Corsica you’ll probably love it. We’ll be back in Paris around June 7 thru Sept. There’s an extra room so please stay w/ us. How is everything? Say hello to everyone & try to get over here.”

It has pulled in a bid of over $23,000 (£14,863) at RR’s auction so far.


John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s hand written note to Beatles press officer Derek Taylor in 1969, referenced instructions for an unspecified concert.

“Audience must not be ‘loaded’ with ‘officials’ – (Mayors and Kennedys) it must be mainly kids and critics,” Lennon wrote. “Any charity bits (the gate) only to be known after the event.”

Ono pens the next three lines, stating: “Don’t explain us – John & Yoko. None of Yoko is a good artist but they ought to know by now.”

Lennon ends the letter by writing: “Tickets shouldn’t be too expensive and none of that all Bernsteins and such likes kids getting the ‘best’ seats at the zoo.”


Bids on the note have reached $1,000 (£646) so far.

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