Co-founder of music streaming service Grooveshark found dead at home in Florida

Josh Greenberg was 28

One of the founders of music streaming service Grooveshark has been found dead in his home.

Josh Greenberg was discovered at his home in Florida yesterday (July 19). He was 28. A medical examiner is due to perform an autopsy at some point today.

Gainesville police said in a tweet that there was “no evidence of foul play or suicide” in Greenberg’s death.

Grooveshark was closed down in April following a legal battle with a number of major record labels. First set up by 19 year old university student Greenberg, alongside Sam Tarantino, in 2006, the site had over 40m users at its peak.

The website was hit with £11 billion lawsuit in 2011, with a coalition of major labels accusing the company of being responsible for more than 100,000 songs illicitly uploaded to their site. At the time, Grooveshark claimed that they were not liable for copyright violations committed by their users.

Speaking to the Gainesville Sun, Greenberg’s mother Lori said that her son had no health problems, and that he was “more relieved than depressed about the settlement” that ended Grooveshark. “He was excited about potential new things that he was going to start,” she said.