Wet Nuns announce the death of drummer Alexis Gotts

The drummer of Wet Nuns and later Baba Naga recently passed away

Wet Nuns have announced the death of their drummer Alexis Gotts, known as Leki.

His passing was announced on Facebook earlier this evening (November 24). A statement written by frontman Rob Graham explained that Gotts had taken his own life. It read:

“It’s with a deep sadness and a heavy heart that I try to find the words to express the deep sense of grief that I feel as I come to terms with the loss of my friend, band mate and brother Leki. It’s only really the sense of duty to you all as fans of our band that I wrote this now as I think it will take a good while to really understand what has happened. Leki took his own life as an end to a long and terribly difficult battle. Obviously we had our difficulties personally, but it’s important that you all know that the last few times we spent together that we were back on good terms. And all was at peace. I miss him. I don’t think I will ever stop missing him. Love to you all.”

The duo announced their split in September 2013, saying: “Wet Nuns was a joke we started in the summer of 2009. We never thought we’d do much more than play a couple of the pubs in and around Sheffield.” Gotts had recently started playing with a new band called Baba Naga.