Spring King ‘Blown away’ after becoming first band ever played on Apple’s Beats 1

Zane Lowe played 'City' by Manchester band as eagerly anticipated radio station launched earlier today (June 30)

Spring King’s Tarek Musa, frontman of the first band to be played by Zane Lowe on Apple’s Beats 1, says he was “blown away” by the moment his band were played to over 100 countries around the world.

Lowe picked ‘City’ by the Manchester newcomers as his first ever song, saying that the choice was motivated by the fact that the new band are building momentum in the same way he and the team are.

Speaking to NME directly after the song aired on Beats 1, Musa revealed that he was as surprised as anyone to hear his own music being played by Lowe. “I was in the studio and got a text saying, ‘You’re the first song on Beats 1’ and I was like, ‘What the fuck?'” It was crazy, I thought my friend was joking,” he said.

Musa was in the recording studio when the news came through to him, working on new Spring King music he hopes to release later in the year. His bandmates were working at their day jobs.

“I’ve had a lot of emails and positive tweets from people who have never heard the band before,” Musa said. “I tweeted Zane because it’s so cool that he’s gone with a small band. We weren’t expecting it at all. I’m blown away right now. If I see him I’ll have to buy him a rum and coke.”

Asked what the exposure means for Spring King, Musa said he hopes that more people will now listen to his band. “Hopefully it means new people will get to hear us and share it with their friends, come to more shows. We want to play the music to more people and share it with as many people as possible.”

Lowe playing Spring King on the radio is not entirely without precedent, as Musa explains. “Zane used to play ‘City’ quite a lot on Radio 1. The BBC have really helped us out. When he first played ‘City’ he span it twice in a row, I never expected him to play it again after he left the BBC though.”

Listen to ‘City’ below:

Apple‘s long-awaited new music streaming service Apple Music launched at 4pm BST today (June 30) with Beats 1 following at 5pm.

The features of Apple Music include on-demand streaming, social networking that allows artists to connect with their fans and 24/7 radio station Beats 1.

Following Zane Lowe’s departure from Radio 1 to helm Beats 1, the likes of Josh Homme, Dr Dre, Pharrell, Drake and St Vincent have also been recruited to host radio shows on the station.

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Apple Music recently attracted criticism for its policy of not paying musicians, producers, songwriters or rights holders during a three-month free trial offered to listeners. The company later made a U-turn on its royalty scheme following an open letter from Taylor Swift, confirming that it will be now be compensating artists during the trial.

Taylor Swift likewise reversed her decision of not streaming her latest album ‘1989’, announcing that it will be made available on Apple Music. Swift stated that it “felt right in my gut” to team up with Apple Music.

Apple Music launches on Tuesday (June 30)

Apple have also reached a licensing agreement with several indie labels, including Beggars Group, which means they can now offer music from the likes of Radiohead and Adele. Dr Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ will also make its streaming debut on the service.

Pharrell Williams’ new single ‘Freedom’ will be mark the platform’s launch today as Apple Music’s first exclusive release.