Velvet Revolver to begin work on new album

Plus Slash is set to record solo effort

Velvet Revolver plan to enter the studio in April to begin recording their third album.

The band are yet to decide on a producer for the album yet, but guitarist Slash has indicated that Brendan O’Brien, who produced the band’s previous album, ‘Libertad’, was a likely choice.

Speaking to Billboard, Slash said: “I’m really jazzed about doing it. I’ve been working on new ideas, and we’ve had a couple times where the guys all got together and worked on some stuff.


“I’m itching to see what this third record’s gonna be, ’cause I think it’s gonna be fuckin’ awesome, and I think we don’t necessarily need to spend two years on the road [before recording it].

“As you go along [in your musical career] you’ve got more and more freedom and are less inhibited to do whatever you want, just for the simple fact you’ve been working together for as long as you have, and you’ve established a certain creative relationship.”

The guitarist went on to explain that he planned to record a solo album after he completed the forthcoming album with his band.

“It’s really in the back of my mind,” he said, “but I haven’t gotten the wheels in motion to get it produced. It’ll be coming. [It will] probably the next thing I do after the next Velvet Revolver record.”

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