Velvet Revolver complete second album

Scott Weiland to release solo album too

Velvet Revolver have announced details of their second album ’Libtertad’.

The follow up to 2004’s ’Contraband’ was produced by Brendan O’Brien, who worked with frontman Scott Weiland during his stint in Stone Temple Pilots.

Speaking about working with O’Brien, Weiland said: “He has really helped the guys challenge themselves on a musical level. (‘Libertad’) definitely still rocks, but it’s incredibly more musical. There’s a lot more textures, and Slash and Duff (McKagan) have really sort of risen the bar. It just goes places that the first album didn’t go.”

Weiland added the band want to work with The Clash legend Mick Jones too.

He said: “We wanted to work with him with Velvet Revolver, but we didn’t get the chance to do it. So I’m thinking about getting a hold of him, working on a track or two.”

Weiland is also finishing work on his solo album, which he hopes to released before the end of the year.

He told MTV News: “It kind of goes all over the map like the first one, but a bit more focused because I’m not using drugs anymore. It had a little bit of Latin jazz, some R&B oriented stuff, some stuff with beats. There’s some stuff that’s really kind of out there. I’m into creating sounds, but it’s all about melody, really.”