Velvet Revolver denied Japanese visa

Band forced to cancel tour

Velvet Revolver have been denied a Japanese visa, resulting in the cancellation of their tour.

The band were due to play in three dates from November 26, beginning in Tokyo.

In a statement on the band wrote: “The increasingly tough Japanese immigration officials are taking exception with the backgrounds of various band members, which have included arrests.

“We want to apologize to our fans in Japan that we won’t be able to perform our scheduled concerts. We don’t understand why the authorities won’t give us visas when they granted them for us in 2005 for what was a successful tour and a great experience. We love Japan and look forward to our return there.”

The band are currently appealing the decision.

The statement did not directly address why the immigration officials refused to issue the visas, and the Justice Ministry does not comment publicly on individual cases, reports Jam Music.