Ex-Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland: ‘I was raped as a child’

Weiland reveals traumatic memories in 'Not Dead And Not For Sale' book

Velvet Revolver‘s former singer Scott Weiland has revealed he was raped when he was 12.

In his newly-released memoirs Not Dead And Not For Sale the Stone Temple Pilots frontman and solo artist said that the rape “is a memory I suppressed until only a few years ago when, in rehab, it came flooding back. Therapy will do that to you.”

Extracts from the book were posted online by Spin.com. Weiland wrote that his rapist was a “big muscular guy, a high school senior… [who] rode the bus with me every day to school… invited me to his house. The dude raped me. It was quick, not pleasant. I was too scared to tell anyone. ‘Tell anyone,’ he warned, ‘and you’ll never have another friend in this school. I’ll ruin your fuckin’ reputation’.”


The memoirs also detail Weiland‘s history of drug use, falling off the wagon and nights of partying with Courtney Love.

Not Dead And Not For Sale was released on (May 16).