Venini play new bands stage at Glastonbury, but the last time Russell Senior was there was when he headlined with Pulp...

RUSSELL SENIOR, Pulp‘s former guitarist and violin player, is back with a new band, Venini, who release their debut single ‘Mon Camion’ on June 14 on their own Bikini label.

Claiming he left Pulp because he was “bored”, Senior told NME he was excited at the prospect of returning to the pop fray with Venini, a project that happened by accident last August because he wanted to record some songs he had been writing.

“Through bizarre coincidences, people just ended up in the band. It was all fortuitous. I didn’t know whether they were any good or not so we’ve just learned as we’ve gone along. But as they’re all a lot younger than me, they’ve just taken the idea and given it a life of its own.”


The Sheffield-based band comprise Senior on guitar, lead singer Debbie Lime, Nick Eastwood on bass, Robert Barton on drums and Danny Hunt on keyboards. Although it started off as fun, Senior explained, he soon started taking the band seriously.

“I didn’t leave Pulp to go and make a new Britpop explosion. I didn’t want to be in a pop band again and I certainly wasn’t looking for it, but it starting happening. I was bored, very much so, but this is fresh and nice. I’m really enthusiastic about it,” he admitted.

As for the name, Senior says he just thought it sounded good, like “French glam rock that never really existed”.

However, the other members of Pulp, who Senior still sees, are not so impressed. “I saw Candida on Saturday after we played a gig and all she said was it was a ‘nice short set’. I knew she’d hate it, because every time we put French music on in the (Pulp) tourbus, she’d put her hands over her ears and scream.”

Venini play the New Band stage at Glastonbury Festival, which runs from June 25-27. The last time he was there, he was with Pulp headlining the main stage.

“It’ll be good, even if it is a long time since I had to win over an audience!” Senior said.