Lollapalooza performer Vic Mensa reveals he was once electrocuted sneaking into Chicago bash

Rapper tried to evade security in Chicago before he was famous

Vic Mensa has revealed that he once tried to sneak into US festival Lollapalooza, only to be electrocuted in the process.

The rapper appeared as a performer at the event this weekend, but it was not always so easy for the Chicago native to attend his hometown festival.

Speaking to Billboard about the incident, Mensa said that he had snuck in on the first day of the festival with no problems. However, going back for another day proved much more difficult. “I was trying to get in and they had upped security from the day before – it was just impossible to get in like I got in the day before,” he said. “I was trying to do something crazy, climbing down the train structure over on Monroe over a bridge. And I touched a transformer on my arm.”

“My arm just shot out in front of me and it was strange… it was really surreal,” he added. “I was seeing myself from an overhead view, like, and I just saw my arm shoot out like Frankenstein and I fell like 30 feet. Then I got up, which was weird too. I definitely could have broken my neck.”

When jokingly asked if Lollapalooza had almost killed him, he calmly responded, “I’m pretty sure I almost killed me, but Lollapalooza was involved. The pursuit of Lollapalooza almost killed me.”

Mensa’s new single ‘Down On My Luck’ entered the Official UK Singles Chart at Number 37 yesterday (August 3). See below to watch an NME interview with the US rapper now.