The German club's general manager says he would not sign Posh's hubby David because he is "being dragged from one catwalk to the other"...

Victoria Beckham is at the centre of a squabble developing between one of Europe’s top football teams and her husband DAVID BECKHAM, the MANCHESTER UNITED star.

Uli Hoeness, general manager of current European champions Bayern Munich, has said Victoria Beckham‘s popstar lifestyle is preventing Beckham being a “good professional”. Hoeness has blasted Beckham, the focus of ongoing transfer speculation, saying: “Beckham is a very good player, but how could he be a good professional being dragged from one catwalk to another.”

Hoeness also ruled out signing Beckham, valued at £40 million, to Bayern and singled out Victoria Beckham as the reason.

“From a sporting point of view, Beckham would appeal to us very much but not when I think about it and realise it would mean his wife – that Spice Girl – coming with him.

“That would be great for the media, but not for us. We can do without that kind of circus. With all the business with his wife, it would mean FC Hollywood would return here,” this morning’s UK tabloids report.

It is not the first time Victoria Beckham has been key in transfer speculation involving England captain Beckham. Several weeks ago, Italian premier and billionaire media mogul Silvio Berlusconi offered the sometime Spice Girl her own talk show on one his many television networks in a bid to tempt Beckham to sign for Italian giants AC Milan, the club he owns.

However, Hoeness’ words may simply be the first salvo in a psychological war brewing between Bayern and English champions United. The pair meet at United’s Old Trafford ground in March in a key tussle in the European Champions’ League.