Plus - Does Becks prefer footie to sex?, BBmak and Marti Pellow look for their careers and the 3am Girls blab on some more about one of them leaving...

Posh Spice has been involved in a lucrative kiss and tell.

The Sun (November 20) reports that the working mother of one, who used to be in the Spice Girls until she decided to concentrate on selling fewer records, has told a French interviewer that husband David Beckham prefers hot sex action with her to scoring goals.

David, captain of England and a key player for current English champions Manchester United, has yet to comment on the claim. However, the news has set key ‘celebration watchdogs’ on edge.

waiting for his team-mates to congratulate him. At those points, I feel anyone but the foolhardy or those who have some sort of brain psychosis such as that which sets in on those afloat on life-rafts for days who begin, wrongly, drinking sea-water rather than proper water, would agree there is a strong football element at work.

“Posh she may be, but she is no top pundit. Perhaps she should keep views to herself. Nobody suggests David Beckham should join the Spice Girls or have a solo career as an unsuccessful singer.”

Elsewhere, the Daily Star reports that Marti Pellow, former big necked frontman of perennial band Wet Wet Wet (Marti shares a name with Marti Wilde – father of 80s starlet Kim – though not both names), has been working with perennial band BBmak. The BBmak boys and Marti spent three days together searching for their careers. It is unclear at press time if the time spent turned up any results.

The Star also reports that Shane Lynch is well on the way. The former Boyzone drummer, who left under a cloud when he didn’t want to, played with his new outfit Redhill at the Fez Club in Hull in England in the north at the weekend. Those who watched the show were left dumbfounded.

“It was sensational,” a happy car owner explained. “Redhill played one song. They started very close to the beginning of the track and worked through most of it before coming up to the end. There were a few people who had their eyes opened that night, I can tell you. Those who wrote Shane off as silly fella are not all singing from the same hymn-sheet now, that’s for bloody sure. Shane has his whole life to fill now and he won’t be thinking about Boyzone anymore, that’s for damn certain.”

The Mirror’s three girls talk for a second day about becoming one less than three.

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