A claim for slander and malicious falsehood is launched against the singer...

Victoria Beckham could face the HIGH COURT after a family-owned shop specialising in celebrity signatures won the right to launch a claim for slander and malicious falsehood.

The shop owners launched a suit against Victoria Beckham last year after the former Spice Girl accused them of selling a fake signed photo of her husband, England football captain David Beckham.

The owners’ lawyer, according to reports on Reuters, said Victoria Beckham was “rude, loud and obnoxious” as she remonstrated in the shop in the Bluewaterr complex, near Dartford, Kent, last year. The owners claimed that they were almost driven to ruin after Victoria Beckham’s outburst was reported in the press.

However, the hearing in March last year was dismissed by the judge who decided that Victoria Beckham could not be responsible for the media coverage of her tantrum.

Today (July 4) that decision was overturned by the Court Of Appeal who ruled that due to her celebrity, Victoria Beckham could have reasonably expected her words to be reported in the press and therefore she could be responsible for subsequent damage.