Victoria Beckham has reportedly blocked a Spice Girls reunion tour

Posh Spice isn't involved in the comeback of the '90s pop group

Victoria Beckham has reportedly stopped a Spice Girls reunion tour after preventing the group from performing their old songs.

The former band member, who is not involved in the reunion, is said to have asked her lawyers to block Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner from performing the group’s classic tracks.

According to The Sun, a source said: “The girls are devastated. It is an extremely sad way for things to end… Victoria was a huge part of their lives and now she is using lawyers to block their comeback.


“Victoria is proud of her Spice Girls history but this suggests she wants to cut all links with the group which transformed her life. She is resorting to aggressive legal letters and it is an extremely sad way for things to end after all they have been through together.”

Beckham is said to be “concerned” that performing old songs alongside new music could “damage” the group’s legacy.

“It became a concern that if the remaining members started mixing classic hits with new songs that were not up to much it would damage their legacy,” said the source.

“Victoria takes herself very seriously now and didn’t want to have an association with this project which she felt she would if they sang the classic songs and marketed themselves as the Spice Girls. She got lawyers involved as she has a writing credit on the hits and co-owns the companies which control the band’s legacy and finances.”

Mel C has also refused to take part in the reunion as she believed they ‘reached their peak at the 2012 London Olympics’ – however she did also recently claim that she was ‘bullied’ during her time in the band in the ’90s.


“I’m not going to name names – but yes,” she said when asked if she was the target of abuse while in the ‘Girl Power’ sensation. “It’s been addressed, they were aware of what they’d done. They apologised.”

She continued: “Now I’m older, I’m a lot more confident and I will not be shat upon. But when I was younger I let people shit on me. What’s done is done but I’d have liked to have been a bit stronger,” she continued. “When we were kids we were so hard on each other and so determined to succeed that if anybody fell out of line they were quickly brought back in. That was quite a lot of pressure to live under.”