Video footage of Guns N’ Roses fan being attacked by security emerges

Crowds rushed a security barrier at a gig in Argentina

Footage has emerged of a Guns N’ Roses fan being attacked by security after fans breached a security barrier at a recent gig in Argentina.

A group of fans managed to push down one of the barriers at the gig in Buenos Aires and rush into the VIP section.

Security stepped in to close the section and one security guard punched a fan in the head. You can watch footage of the incident below.

During the show, the band’s former drummer Steve Adler also made a guest appearance on ‘Appetite For Destruction’ track ‘Out Ta Get Me’.

The tour has already pulled in $116.8m (£88m) in the US alone this year.

Having played with various incarnations of the band since Slash left, the reunited line-up of Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan played 25 shows this summer for their first gigs together since 1993.

The stadium shows were attended by over a million fans, and means Guns N’ Roses have easily had the highest-grossing tour in North America so far this year.

Guns N’ Roses will continue to tour South America until November 26 followed by shows early in 2017 in Japan, New Zealand and Australia until February 21.

There have yet to be any European shows by the reunited line-up announced, but it was heavily rumoured Guns N’ Roses would headline Download next summer. The festival’s PR refused to comment on the rumour when approached by NME earlier this year. But it was later confirmed that the band would not be appearing at the festival.

Meanwhile, Axl Rose is reportedly being sued by a former touring band member who claims he is owed over £100,000 in unpaid wages.

Chris Pitman is seeking $163,000 (£123,000) from the band’s frontman.

Pitman played in Guns N’ Roses between 1998 and 2016, mainly as the band’s second keyboardist and second bass player. During that period, he also added backing vocals and percussion.

The alleged debt is said to date back to 2011, when Rose, reportedly pleading poverty at the time, allegedly said in a signed document that he would pay $125,000 (£95,00) in unpaid wages to Pitman by October 2012.

Because Pitman claims not to have been paid back yet, he has raised the debt to the larger sum of $163,000 (£123,000) to take account of interest. Rose has yet to comment on the reported lawsuit.