Video of Spice Girls slamming ‘chauvinistic pigs’ asking for more cleavage in the 90s emerges

'Girl Power' in action

A video has been unearthed of the Spice Girls fighting back against advertising directors, asking them to show ‘more cleavage’ because it’s ‘every man’s fantasy’. Check it out below.

The clips reportedly shows the ‘Wannabe’ stars dressed as schoolgirls while filming an advert for Polaroid in 1997, when a row erupts between the girls and the team making the commercial.

“Why did you ask to have a cleavage showing and a midriff showing?” Mel B asks a man on set, before he replies “it’s every man’s fantasy.”


Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell then jumps in to declare “you’re a chauvinistic pig,” before Victoria Beckham mocks one of the men’s cheap sunglasses. The video ends with the girls again berating the men by sarcastically thanking them and declaring ‘girl power’.

This comes after Mel C recently revealed that she ‘bullied’ during her time with the band. “Unfortunately, being bullied can really damage people and even when you are stronger and over it, it can still be in the background – undermining you. I hope people will identify with that track,” she said. Asked if the bullying occurred during her time in the Spice Girls, she replied: “Yes. I’m not going to name names. But yes. It’s been addressed, they were aware of what they’d done. They apologised.”

“Now I’m older, I’m a lot more confident and I will not be shat upon. But when I was younger I let people shit on me. What’s done is done but I’d have liked to have been a bit stronger,” she continued. “When we were kids we were so hard on each other and so determined to succeed that if anybody fell out of line they were quickly brought back in. That was quite a lot of pressure to live under.”


Garbage singer Shirley Manson also recently slammed the Spice Girls, saying: “I always hated the term Girl Power. At the time, I found the Spice Girls abhorrent”.

She continued: “I was 30 when they came out I guess…[But] I felt they were written for, and controlled by, men, who had come up with a marketing slogan and put these girls together. It was pretending to be women taking control, but none of them took control, they weren’t writing, they weren’t producing, they weren’t playing…I found it a sham.”


Last week, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton shared a photo of them in the studio recording new Spice Girls material.