Viewers left unimpressed as Dizzee Rascal swears on pre-watershed TV performance

He was performing his new single on 'Sounds Like Friday Night'.

The BBC were forced to apologise last night (November 3) after Dizzee Rascal forgot to censor his lyrics in a pre-watershed live performance.

The rapper was performing new single ‘Bop N Keep It Dippin’ on BBC 1’s ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’ when he let out a “motherfucker” as well as a number of other expletives, shocking some viewers.


Host Greg James joined Dizzee on stage after his performance, offering an apology for the outbursts.

“A quick apology if anyone was offended by any of the language there,” Greg said.

“It’s one of those live TV moments. What are you gonna do?”

“It was live, man,” agreed Dizzee.

A BBC spokesperson later said: “The relevant lyrics to the track were changed throughout for the performance, but there was one moment he accidentally reverted to the original.


“Greg apologised to the audience immediately afterwards.”

The grime star was a last minute replacement for Liam Gallagher who had to pull out after doctors told him to rest his voice.

Meanwhile, the Wiley and Dizzee feud was being kept alive and well last month after Dizzee made underage sex allegations and death threats towards his grime peer.

The two grime pioneers were once close friends and collaborators before falling out over an incident in Aya Napa in 2003.

Wiley recently responded to Dizzee’s underage sex allegations in a new interview, saying: “Dizzee’s not as accurate as he wants to be. I’ve got nothing to hide.”