Viewers were quite confused by Justin Timberlake’s outfit at the Super Bowl

'Who wore it better? Justin Timberlake or MAC OS Sierra?'

Following Justin Timberlake‘s divisive performance at last night’s Super Bowl halftime show, one of the more bizarre topics to start trending was viewers’ bewilderment at his choice of outfit.

During a set that a tribute to Prince in his hometown of Minneapolis, the former N Sync turned solo star appeared to be channelling the spirit of his new country-tinged album, ‘Man Of The Woods‘ – wearing camouflage trousers, denim and a shirt that displayed a rural American landscape.

However, Twitter was soon alight with viewers’ reactions:

Timberlake’s performance sparked controversy after it was originally reported that he’d be including a hologram of Prince. These plans were later scrapped following discussions with Prince collaborator Sheila E. But Prince did appear in some form. Towards the end of Timberlake’s big appearance, he worked his way to a B-stage and sat down at a piano. There, he began covering ‘I Would Die 4 U’, and footage of the Purple One was projected behind him.

This comes after the pair’s famous spat over the song ‘SexyBack’, when Timberlake mocked Prince during the 2007 Golden Globes.

Meanwhile, a young audience member’s reaction to JT’s performance has become the greatest meme of the whole event.

The fan, later identified as 13-year-old Ryan McKenna, had taken a selfie with Timberlake only moments before – and was understandably staring at the photo when the cameras focused on him.