Vince Staples accuses Chipotle of gentrification: “They killin’ people”

The rapper made the remarks in a new interview

Vince Staples has hit out at Chipotle in a new interview, stating “Chipotle is gentrification and they killin’ people.”

The comments came during Vince’s appearance on Hot Ones, a viral internet video interview series in which subjects answer questions while eating progressively spicier chicken wings.

Asked whether popular burrito chain Chipotle “counts as Mexican food”, Vince Staples replies, “No. Chipotle is gentrification, and they killin’ people.”


Chipotle have been victims of a number of health scares in the USA, including a norovirus outbreak last July, and an outbreak of E.Coli in late 2015.

Watch the full interview below – the Chipotle question occurs at the 9 minutes 25 seconds mark.

Vince Staples recently released his new album ‘Big Fish Theory’ – read the five-star NME review here.

He also recently responded to a viral video in which a young mother is brought to tears over the antagonistic lyrical content of his hit track ‘Norf Norf’. After being ‘misquoted’ in an interview by The Independent on the matter, Staples later clarified his stance.

“What I was saying was that the woman in that video is clearly confused on the context of the song which causes her to be frightened,” he added.


The rapper continued that while the woman “has a right to her opinion”, in his opinion she “seems to be emotionally unstable”. He signed off by saying: “Thats all I have to say about that. Stop asking me.”