Vince Staples defends Earl Sweatshirt after he’s filmed slapping mobile phone out of fan’s hand

The video was filmed in New Orleans

Vince Staples has defended Earl Sweatshirt, after the Odd Future star was filmed slapping a mobile phone out of a fan’s hand.

Footage filmed in New Orleans shows a group of men attempting to film Earl, before things quickly take a dramatic turn. After noticing the men filming him, Earl then proceeded to hit the phone, knocking it from their hands.

While Earl immediately walked off, one fan replied: “That’s fucked up, yo. Get the fuck outta here. Fuck that mother fucker.”


One of the fans then posted the footage to Twitter and wrote: “When you want a pic with one of your favorite rappers since day 1 and he’s a dick.”

Earl is yet to respond, but it wasn’t long before it attracted the attention of Vince Staples – who immediately followed with his own jibe.

“If you feel disrespected I can get you a fade from the homie just let me know,” wrote Staples.

Others also disputed the criticism of Staples, and showed their own examples of the rapper stopping for photographs.


This comes after Earl released his third solo album ‘Some Rap Songs’ in November 2018.

In a four star review, NME wrote: “This worldly and deeply affecting Earl Sweatshirt of 2018 seems so far removed from that mischievous 16-year-old kid who was seen excruciatingly picking out his fingernails in the ‘EARL’ video. ‘Some Rap Songs’ may be a brief exercise, but its ambition and the – largely successful – execution of its ideas demonstrate that the enigmatic Earl is as fascinating as ever.”

“I only get better with time,” he says on ‘Azucar’ – it’s hard to disagree.