Vince Staples signs to Motown as new music looms

The west coast rapper's fourth studio album could be coming soon

Vince Staples has signed to Motown Records, with the rapper’s fourth studio album set to be his first not released on the legendary Def Jam imprint.

The move was announced during an annual meeting for the Capitol Music Group, which owns Motown. It will see Staples join the Motown roster via Blacksmith Recordings, a label that was founded by veteran music manager Corey Smyth in partnership with Capitol.

According to Billboard, Vince Staples will release new music on Motown within the next couple of weeks.

His last album, ‘FM!’, was a conceptual look at his native Long Beach, California, exploring how “violence might erupt at any minute” there, according to NME‘s Dhruva Balram.

In a four-star review, he said: “Staples makes whatever the fuck he wants and ‘FM!’ is just another example of that. Each idea is significantly different from the last and this latest album is an immersive look at the grizzly realities of millions, a notion he re-iterates on the album’s final lines: “Tryna get rich, get everybody fed / But everybody dead”.

Meanwhile, the artwork for ‘FM!’ referenced Green Day‘s classic ‘Dookie’ album cover — something that went down well with Billie Joe Armstrong.