Vince Staples unveils trailer for ‘The Vince Staples Show’, out later this week

The mysterious “all new original series” premieres this Thursday

Vince Staples has shared a trailer for a mysterious new project titled The Vince Staples Show.

There’s not a lot of information out about the Long Beach rapper’s latest offering, but according to the clip, the “all new original series” will arrive this Thursday (August 22). Check it out below.

In the minute-long trailer, Staples instructs two boys to sell candy outside of a grocery store. “You already know the deal, we’re not doing too much talking. I ain’t got time for no cold feet,” he tells them flatly while they sit in his car. “Both of you signed up for this. You either with it or you not.” Watch it here:

Earlier today (August 20), Staples tweeted a link to The Vince Staples Show’s website, which prompts you to sign up for updates on the new release.

The announcement arrived shortly after the rapper signed to Motown Records earlier this month, which signals a new Staples album might be on the horizon. According to Billboard, the rapper is expected to release new music on his new label in the coming weeks. 

Staples’ latest project ‘FM!’, a collaboration with producer Kenny Beats, arrived last November. In its four-star review of the album, NME wrote: “Staples makes whatever the fuck he wants and ‘FM!’ is just another example of that. Each idea is significantly different from the last and this latest album is an immersive look at the grizzly realities of millions, a notion he re-iterates on the album’s final lines: “Tryna get rich, get everybody fed / But everybody dead”.