Relatives of Viola Beach say Coldplay’s Glastonbury tribute was hard to watch

Late Warrington band are heading for Number One in the UK albums chart

The family of Viola Beach have admitted Coldplay’s Glastonbury tribute to the late band was hard to endure.

Chris Martin and co dropped their David Bowie cover of ‘Heroes’ to perform alongside footage of the Warrington band performing ‘Boys That Sing’, which was released just weeks before they died in a car crash.

The tribute had been planned way in advance but speaking to NME in this week’s cover feature, Joanne Dakin, mother of drummer Jack said: “It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Emotionally it brought me right back to square one.

She added: “We met Chris Martin’s parents that day and they really seemed to understand how the families are in this with you – it’s not just the boys in the band, it’s the mums and sisters and girlfriends, everyone who wants it for them as much as they want it for themselves.

“And there’s nothing worse in this world than having that hope taken away from you.”

Lisa Leonard, whose son Kris wrote ‘Boys That Sing’ when he was just 15, still can’t express what she felt the day she lost her son. She said Chris Martin was very supportive following the accident and often exchanged emails with her.

She said: “In one of them, he wrote, ‘I wanted to reach out to you, to help and support you, because I know what it feels like to be so young and to have that drive. However, at that age, we were never as good as Viola Beach were…’”

The band are currently heading straight to Number One in the UK, according to midweek figures from the Official Charts Company.

The band’s posthumous eponymous album, which is available to stream below, comes just five months after the Warrington band and their manager fell over 80ft to their deaths in into a canal in Södertälje, about 20 miles from Stockholm, in February.