Viola Beach producer admits it was ‘difficult’ to listen to old recordings

Ian Grimble of Communion said that the production process was "pretty hardcore"

The producer of Viola Beach‘s posthumous debut album has admitted that it was “difficult” to go back and listen to the recordings when putting the album together.

The eponymous album, which is available to stream below, comes just five months after the Warrington band and their manager fell over 80ft to their deaths in into a canal in Södertälje, about 20 miles from Stockholm, in February 2016.

Ian Grimble of the record label Communion, spoke to NME in this week’s cover feature and said that “the process of putting [the album] together was hardcore”.

“The hardest part was going through the session where they’d very quickly thrown down every song they had, so there were a lot of stops and mistakes and general mucking about – that was difficult to listen to.”

He went on to say, “But by the time we’d finished recording, we had it exactly how they wanted it to sound – they were happy with every note. So I decided not to change anything. I felt that’s how these songs had to go out.”

Communion had previously refrained from planning any form of release of the Viola Beach material “because we didn’t want to look like we were cashing in”, according to Grimble. The decision to move forward with producing the album came from the families of Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin.