Viola Beach Spotify streams have increased by 6,148 per cent after Coldplay Glastonbury tribute

Chris Martin's band covered 'Boys That Sing' as they headlined the festival yesterday (June 26)

Viola Beach‘s Spotify streams have increased by 6,148 per cent following Coldplay‘s Glastonbury tribute to the band last night.

The Warrington quartet tragically lost their lives, along with their manager Craig Tarry, in a car accident in Sweden earlier this year.

Last night (June 26), Coldplay covered their track ‘Boys That Sing’ during their Glastonbury headline set.


Speaking of the band’s accident, Martin said “[Coldplay] thought that was just the worst” before introducing the track. He commented, “We’re going to create Viola Beach’s alternative future for them and let them headline Glastonbury for a song.”

He added, “this would have been [Viola Beach] in 20 years.” The band then projected a live performance of ‘Boys That Sing’ from Viola Beach, playing alongside the recording.

Before playing, Martin urged the crowd to “send [Boys That Sing] up the charts”. A 9-track album from Viola Beach will now be released on July 29 via the band’s own Fuller Beans Records label.

It will include ‘Swings & Waterslides’, which entered the UK Singles Chart following the tragedy, and lead single ‘Boys That Sing’.

Coldplay’s own streams increased 41 per cent after their performance, while fellow headliners Muse and Adele saw 53 per cent and 158 per cent more plays respectively.