Are Viva Brother about to announce their reunion?

It's just like New Year's Day....

Viva Brother are seemingly set to announce their reunion, after their official website was updated with a new logo and a mysterious countdown.

The Britpop revivalists, fronted by singer Lee Newell, released their debut album ‘Famous First Words’ in August 2011, before announcing their split only eight months later.

After the split, Newell then went on to form synth-pop group Lovelife with musician Ally Young.


The image appeared on the Viva Brother website

Now, it seems like Viva Brother are set to reunite after their website was updated for the first time in over five years with a new logo and a countdown clock that teases an announcement in 11 days.

The band’s official Twitter account has also posted a short clip that teases an official announcement on October 3.


During their initial inception, the band were forced to change their name from Brother to Viva Brother after their American namesakes attended their gig in Los Angeles and threw a 30 page legal challenge on stage.
“This guy travelled across America to come to our San Francisco show, fought his way to the front and chucked this 30-page document on my feet while we were playing. I said, ‘What the fuck’s that? and he went ‘You’ve been served’. I was like, ‘Is that even a thing? Does that actually happen?!’”, bassist Josh Ward told NME in 2011


Singer Lee Newell was also certain that the band would headline Glastonbury.

“We want to headline Glastonbury. And we will”, he told NME.