Vivica A. Fox isn’t happy Kanye West used her in a campaign video out of context

The actor claimed the quotes were taken out of context

Vivica A. Fox has hit out at Kanye West for using her quotes out of context in a presidential campaign video.

In a bid to become US president in 2024, West launched a video calling out some of his critics. One narrative saw a clip of FOX News show Tucker Carlson Tonight featuring many celebrities disagreeing with the musician.

Vivica A. Fox can be seen in a clip from her FOX Soul show Cocktails With Queens, saying: “Yo, Kanye. Eff you. And I mean that with everything inside of me. You got to cancel him. And I know we not trying to be in a cancel culture but we got to hit him in his pockets now. Because he, obviously, doesn’t care about the African-American culture.”


The actor since addressed West on Twitter to explain the context of her quotes, saying she was “not happy” about Kanye’s comments regarding George Floyd.

“Now dawling if you gonna use a clip featuring me it should be accurate!” Fox tweeted. “I was not happy with you [for] saying George Floyd wasn’t murdered, but THANKS 4 watching my @foxsoultv show #CocktailsWithQueens & know 2 Can Play that game.”

Kanye West has faced a backlash over the past month after posting a series of antisemitic remarks online, including one where he said he didn’t believe in the term antisemitism, claiming that it’s “not factual”.

He was subsequently suspended from Twitter and Instagram, but has since returned to the social platforms.

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