VIXX’s Leo returns with melancholic ‘Losing Game’ music video and new mini-album ‘Piano Man Op. 9’

It marks the vocalist’s first official comeback since his discharge from the military last year

VIXX vocalist and soloist Leo has made a comeback with his third mini-album ‘Piano Man Op. 9’, led by the single ‘Losing Game’.

In the new visual, the idol appears to chase a woman through a luxurious mansion. However, it soon becomes apparent that he is ruminating on memories made with a past lover, retracing her steps while wandering the mansion alone.

I need you right here / Need you right here / If this is love, I’ll be fine / I can’t be without you, yeah / I know you’ll regret it again,” he sings in the yearning chorus.


‘Piano Man Op. 9’ comprises a total of five tracks, including B-sides ‘Beautiful Love’, ‘So easy’, ‘Chilling’ and ‘Blue Rain’. It is Leo’s third solo mini-album, marking his first music since last October’s digital single ‘I’m Still Here’. The VIXX singer had released the track shortly after being discharged from military service in September 2021.

Leo first debuted as one of the main vocalists of Jellyfish Entertainment boyband VIXX in 2012, which later spawned hits like ‘Error’, ‘Chained Up’ and ‘The Closer’.

In 2015, he teamed up with rapper Ravi to form the act’s first sub-unit VIXX LR, through which the duo have released two mini-albums, ‘Beautiful Liar’ and ‘Whisper’. The vocalist went on to debut as a soloist with the mini-album ‘Canvas’ in 2018, which was followed by his sophomore effort ‘Muse’ a year later.

Leo and fellow main vocalist Ken are the only members of VIXX who remain signed to longtime agency Jellyfish Entertainment. Member Hyuk left the agency in June 2022, while N and Ravi left in 2020 and 2019 respectively, though they remain as members of the group. Hongbin departed the group and agency in 2020.