The Twisted Nerve boss' debut album also looks set to include contributions from members of Broadcast, Elbow and Add N to (X)...

Original CAN singer MALCOLM MOONEY could guest on ANDY VOTEL’s debut album, which is to be called ‘ALL TEN FINGERS’, NME.COM can reveal.

Twisted Nerve label boss Votel has cancelled all remixes and DJing commitments to concentrate on the project, also expected to feature Broadcast singer Trish Keenan, Elbow singer Guy Garvey and Barry 7 from Add N to (X) .

In an exclusive interview with NME.COM, Votel revealed: “The first EP was like a learning curve. It was a reaction to meeting new people, finding new sources of inspiration and travelling. This album should develop as it goes along, though it does take a while to get into the swing of things.”

He also revealed he’d already written a song for Keenan – but a computer malfunctioned and wiped the track from the hard drive. He said he was “absolutely gutted” but hoped to write another song for her soon.

As well as new tracks with Jane Birkin and Tortoise collaborator Sam Prekoph, he added he was particularly keen to work with Malcolm Mooney. “He’s like the best MC ever. It sounds pretty sad, but you can probably pick any piece of modern music and relate it back to Can in some way. They’re known for the monotonous Krautrock thing, but they also made some of the rawest blues ever.”

He explained that he’d already sent Birkin some music and was waiting to hear back via a mutual friend. “I love her voice, but she can sound out of tune a lot,” he laughed. “If you listen to some of the tracks she did with Serge Gainsbourg, you can tell there wasn’t much musical input from her, because he had to count her in!”

In the absence of available crooners, Votel had also started to sing himself. “I’m not bothered or embarrassed about singing,” he said. “I see my voice as another part of the instrumentation.”