‘The Walking Dead’ rejected a song written by Guns N’ Roses’ Slash

"I was trying to push them to play an original song on there"

Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist Slash has revealed that a song he wrote for The Walking Dead was rejected by the hit show.

The track eventually became ‘The One You Loved Is Gone’, a song included in ‘Living The Dream’, the most recent album from Slash and longtime collaborator Myles Kennedy.

Speaking to the Basel Meets podcast, the iconic guitarist said: “I wrote the intro [of the song] for The Walking Dead. Because at that time, The Walking Dead didn’t really have any other music outside of its score music and so I was trying to push them to play an original song on there.


“But they wouldn’t go for it ’cause it’s me and they don’t wanna have any recognizable existing names as part of The Walking Dead world. And so it never happened, but it was always a good musical idea.”

Meanwhile, a new Guns N’ Roses album may be on the way soon. Guitarist Richard Fortus said: “We are going to try to do another record and get it out soon.” Adding: “I think it will happen faster than you think.”

The band’s last album, ‘Chinese Democracy‘, was released in 2008 and, at the time, was the group’s first record in 15 years.

Slash recently opened up about the state of guitar music and says that thanks to a new breed of bands, rock is “turning over a new leaf.”

“I’m really interested to see where it goes over the next few years,” he said. “‘Cause there’s a lot of really hungry young rock and roll bands getting together right now that I’m aware of.”

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