Avid K-Pop fans force airline to kick passengers off plane, then demand a refund

The fans have been branded as 'idiots' by local press

Three eager K-pop fans have made headlines after delaying a flight from Hong Kong to Seoul by mobbing the band Wanna One, demanding to be let off the plane, forcing all other passengers to disembark, and then asking for a refund.

Saturday saw the fans board a Korean Air flight at Hong Kong International Airport, before taking seats in the business and first-class cabins of the plane. Just before take-off, K-pop band Wanna One also boarded the flight following their performances at the M-Net Asian Music Awards the night before.

Despite pleas from airline staff, the three fans in their 20s then surrounded Wanna One, carrying posters of the band.


As The Telegraph reports, cabin crew soon convinced the fans to leave the band alone and take their seats, but they had other ideas in mind.

The trio then said that they didn’t want to fly to Seoul, and demanded that they be allowed off the aircraft. However, due to aviation laws, this would mean that all 360 of the passengers would have to disembark with their luggage and through security screening once again – causing huge delays.

This didn’t seem to phase the fans however, who not only left the plane and caused huge disruption, but then demanded a refund – which they were fully entitled to.

Local newspaper Hankook Ilbo then branded the fans as ‘idiots’.