The Swedish popsters are back in action...

THE WANNADIES are planning a comeback this year – starting with a gig in their hometown this Saturday (February 9).

Their set is expected to include a host of new material – the band have recorded about a dozen tracks in London over the past couple of months and are hoping to release the follow-up to 2000’s ‘Yeah’ later this year.

An album release is expected in Scandinavia this spring, followed by a UK release in the late summer or autumn. Producer is once again Nille Perned, who has worked on several of the Wannadies’ previous five records.

The Wannadies’ performance this weekend is part of a festival celebrating that their home town, SkellefteĆ„, has been named Popstad 2002 (‘pop town of the year 2002’) by the Swedish equivalent to Radio 1, P3.