Want to make your own ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ model? Here’s how

This is impressive..

An Arctic Monkeys fan has devised an impressive blueprint that allows you to create your own ‘Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino‘ model.

When the record was released in May, fans became enamoured with the record’s otherworldly artwork – which featured an imagining of the titular moon-based hotel made by Alex Turner himself.

But while the hotel might be a wholly fictional creation, fan Santiago Valencia has created the next best thing. As the below photo shows, he has created his own model – and it’s near identical to the original artwork.


If you’re feeling creative, you can follow Santiago’s plans to make your own model here.

Designed by Turner himself, the bold and striking sleeve follows a similar outer-space narrative to the album and draws upon the same Stanley Kubrick influences.

“The album artwork started from a picture that I saw of someone in the art department of 2001: A Space Odyssey, building the set for the Hilton on the moon,” said Turner of how he came to make it . “At this point, we’d already decided to call the album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’, so we began to think of things that may be in the lobby of this place.”

He continued: “The thing that I became most obsessed with that there was a model of the place inside the lobby. That’s where I focused most of my attention and time, not figuring out what the place itself looked like, but what the model of the place in the lobby would. I made the model.”


“It’s made of illustration board with a bit of dowel for supports. I sat it on top of a tape machine. The tape on the machine sitting underneath has the album on it, or an earlier version of it. Which seemed to make it all make sense to me.”

Arctic Monkeys at Øya Festival 2018. Credit: Steffen Rikenberg

As for the actual band, they’re currently touring the record around the globe – hitting the UK for a massive arena tour next month. Buy tickets here.

It was reported earlier this week that a show at Budapest’s Sziget Festival saw Alex Turner making peace with Liam Gallagher.

The pair were seen necking beers together after Liam previously mocked the Arctic Monkeys frontman for appearing to adopt an American twang when he relocated to Los Angeles.

“Liam has definitely mellowed over the past year”  a source told The Sun.

“Particularly since reuniting with his daughter Molly [Moorish]. He’s realised that sometimes he is too quick to speak before thinking things through.”