Warpaint to play acoustic set in Greenpeace field at Glastonbury

US band joined by Vivienne Westwood and silent disco among attractions

Warpaint will perform an acoustic set in the Greenpeace field at Glastonbury this year.

The LA band lead a number of musical attractions including the first ever hologram music video and an all-night silent disco.

Warpaint will play acoustically on the Greenpeace stage aboard a ship – a replica of the ‘Arctic Sunrise’ – the ship which was boarded last year by the Russian police, who arrested and imprisoned the 30 activists who became infamous for their protest against Shell’s drilling for oil in the Arctic.

Once on the ship, festival-goers will find live music by acts including Warpaint and Bipolar Sunshine plus a performance by the brass band Perhaps Contraption.

Greenpeace will also stage an all-night takeover in the Silver Hayes area on the Saturday night of the festival, where a silent disco named Silent Night – Dance To Save the Arctic will take place in the Sonic Tent from midnight to 7am.

Other events being staged by Greenpeace this year include a ground breaking visual performance from Holoctronica, the co-founder of Hexstatic, the first ever hologram visual music album and a world premiere of David Attenborough’s 3D collection of films – without the need for 3D glasses.

Additionally, revellers in the Greenpeace field will be given the opportunity to meet Vivienne Westwood, greet a giant polar bear puppet and gain access to hot showers.