Warpaint: ‘Our new album is sexy’

Band say they kept sexiness in mind when making new album 'Warpaint'

Warpaint have talked about their forthcoming self-titled second album, released on January 20, saying it’s a “sexy” record.

In an interview with The Guardian, guitarist Theresa Wayman said: “It was an actual adjective we would use, like, ‘Oh, that’s sexy’ or ‘I think it would be sexier if we did this…’ That actually happened quite a bit.”

Elsewhere in the interview, she compared performing music with having sex. “If you really fall into music while you’re playing, it’s the same space as when you are with a lover,” she said. “You can see guitar players in the way that they’re playing that they’re in some ecstatic moment and it could equally be a sexual moment where they’re alone with someone. So if I were to actually put it all into a pot and think about it, playing music can take you closer to that same kind of state of ecstacy as an orgasm. Sometimes that can be very alarming if you’re onstage.”

Of their second album’s sensual nature, singer Emily Kokal added: “I think that’s something we have an unspoken ability to communicate, perhaps because we are four women. If you listen to the lyrics, a beat or a bassline it will reflect that sensuality.”

Wayman also said the band continued touring their debut ‘The Fool’, released in October 2010, longer than expected in order to road-test new songs before recording them. She said: “I’d notice that we’d hit on certain moments in our songs and you’d see people moving around and really enjoying it. I would be so happy, but I knew that in about 20 seconds we were going to throw a curveball at them.”

Earlier this week Warpaint announced details of a one-off London show. The band will play London’s Electrowerkz on January 22 before their full UK tour kicks off the next day at Brighton Dome.

Warpaint play:

London Electrowerkz (January 22)
Brighton Dome (January 23)
Oxford O2 Academy (25)
London KOKO (February 18)
Leeds O2 Academy (19)
Liverpool O2 Academy (20)
Bristol O2 Academy (21)