The Warped Tour boss tried to reunite My Chemical Romance

Keep dreaming...

Warped Tour organiser Kevin Lyman has revealed that he tried to get My Chemical Romance to reunite this year.

The emo icons split in 2013, but it seems that efforts were made to have them return for the Warped Tour’s upcoming 25th anniversary shows.

When asked by one fan on Twitter if MCR could be booked to play the tour in Atlantic City, Lyman replied: “I tried”.


Lyman first caught the band on the 2005 edition of the tour when they were achieving mainstream success with ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’. They later joined Taste Of Chaos with the Used, Killswitch Engage, Senses Fail, Underoath, Saosin and more.

He added: “It would have been epic to have them. I remember the first time I saw them, they were traveling in a van. They played both Warped and Taste Of Chaos that year and every show was special.”

While Way previously said that he “wouldn’t rule out” reforming MCR, the band are currently busy with a number of their own projects.

After the success of his comic book adaptation The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, Way is currently working towards a new solo album – having shared his collaborative track with former bandmate Ray Toro ‘Getting Down The Germs’ back in November. In October, he shared spooky single ‘Baby You’re A Haunted House’.


Frank Iero meanwhile, is set to return with new band The Future Violents later this year.

“When things start to succeed and go really well…that’s when a lot of people start to have an opinion and that’s when you run into struggle…everybody had a fucking opinion about what MCR should be,” said Way of the band’s split earlier this year. “So it made it difficult to figure out what direction to take next. You get caught up in this trap of ‘Is it ever gonna be good enough?’

“It wasn’t fun to make stuff any more. I think breaking up the band broke us out of that machine.”

He added: “I didn’t know how I’d fit into it any more, I didn’t know how the band would fit into it any more. But you’re right, the world is definitely in need of something positive.

“We definitely get offers regularly to reunite – it’s a constant thing…It’s flattering, it’s really nice of people…I miss playing with the guys, but I don’t think so.”

Meanwhile, My Chemical Romance’s ‘The Black Parade Is Dead’ is set for a vinyl release for Record Store Day 2019.