Warren Ellis on first time he recorded with Nick Cave: “It was really wild”

Ellis describes some behind-the-scenes anecdotes during his time recording with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Warren Ellis has described what it was like to record with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds after being a fan of the band for years.

Ellis played violin on the 1994 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album ‘Let Love In’, appearing on tracks ‘Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore’ and ‘Do You Love Me? (Part 2)’.

Speaking to Marry Anne Hobbs on BBC 6 Music this morning (May 13), Ellis explains how his guest appearance on the album was one of his first experiences of being in a studio.


“Nick was just running between rooms,” he says. “There were two studios going and they were trying to mix a song and Nick was trying to record a string arrangement.

“Nick had his lyrics all over the wall. He had these notes because the cleaners kept taking his notes off the wall and he had these things – ‘don’t touch my stuff’ stuck all over the thing, it was kinda wild. Lyrics just sticky-taped all over the wall and it was on ‘Let Love In’,” he added.

“They had two rooms going; it was really wild y’know? But it seemed incredibly kind of, creative and productive but I was also given this window on this kind of world that had seemed so mysterious to me as a listener.”

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Ellis and Cave went on to collaborate, most recently on a theme song to Ron Howard’s six-part series, Mars, as well as a remix of Toydrum’s ‘I’ve Got a Future’. The remix featured guest vocals from late singer/songwriter Gavin Clark, who passed away in February 2015.


The duo also penned the soundtrack for the Jeff Bridges-starring Hell or High Water last year, adding to their already-high number of film credits – which includes the post-apocalyptic 2009 movie The Road.

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