Warren Suicide singer missing

Band continuing after mysterious disappearance

Warren Suicide‘s singer vanished – leaving the band with no idea where he is.

Warren himself is a fictional character created by singer Lucki and guitarist PC – and drawn by third member, VJ Cherie – whose twisted adventures make up their album of dark electronica.

But the band are concerned about singer Lucki, who has not been seen by his bandmates since July.

“The whole year was kind of hard to get him into working with us, no matter whether it was gigs or studio sessions or writing, it was really starting to become a huge problem to get the band where it was supposed to,” PC told NME.COM.

PC explained the dilemma the band faced in carrying on without their friend: “We were trying everything. Good news was coming in and we were forwarding it to him every day, and at some point we stopped doing that.

“We wrote him that, eventually it was like ‘you have to understand that I have spent every day on this project for the last three years, I can’t just stop it, I understand if you have trouble, but you have to understand that we have to go in doing what we do anyway’. I almost thought that eventually he would just turn up (at the shows we had booked).”

Now the group, who release single ‘Fulford’ on November 21, are pressing on – and though Lucki has not been reported as a missing person – they are assuming he will not return to the band.

However PC addmited thier new work is tinged with regret. “I thought he was one of the most exciting people to work with, and our relationship has always been about him challenging me,” he explained. “His wild surreal ideas, I always try to make them work, and then something really special would happen. So the Warren Suicide band became his madness meeting my, my need for madness.”