Washington Senator rebukes Trumpcare, calls upon Macklemore

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) gave a shout-out to her state's most popular rapper.

Congress is set to vote on the American Health Care Act – a new healthcare bill that is set to take health care benefits away from millions of Americans.

During a press conference, Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) denounced the bill, quoting her state’s most popular rapper Macklemore as she rebuked the act.

“I wish I could get a famous rapper from Seattle here, Mr. Macklemore, because this truly is a heist,” she said. The Heist was an album released by the rapper in 2012. You can see the clip below.

In 2016, Macklemore visited Barack Obama at the White House yesterday (14 May) to discuss opioid addiction in the US president’s Weekly Address.

In the video Obama introduces Macklemore as his “special guest” and goes on to explain that “for those of you who dont share the same love for hip-hop that I do” Macklemore is a Grammy-winning artist.

“He’s also an advocate who’s giving voice to a disease that we all too often just whisper about,” Obama continues, “a disease called addiction.”

Macklemore, dressed in a suit and tie, says: “I take this personally. I have abused prescription drugs and I have battled with addiction. If I hadn’t of got the help that I needed when I needed it, I definitely would not be here today. I want to help others facing the same challenges that I did.”