Watch The 1975 fans recycle their t-shirts at Reading Festival 2019

Watch our video of the fans getting involved above

This weekend saw The 1975 invite their fans to enjoy a new line of “sustainable” merch at Reading and Leeds Festival, by reprinting a new design over old t-shirts.

Watch our video of the fans getting involved above

Posting on Instagram earlier this week, frontman Matty Healy said the band won’t be making any new merchandise for the release of their latest album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ because it’s “not sustainable”. Instead, the band have reprinted earlier tour merch and have invited fans to bring their old music t-shirts (from any band) to a stall to get them updated with a free ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ reprint.

We are not making new shirts for now,” said frontman Matty Healy. “Unsustainable. SO, AND I’M SO FUCKING INTO THIS. This run is all old shirts (first album, early tours etc) that we had kept and have reprinted as your NOACF shirts.

“You will also be able to bring any old 1975 shirt or ANY bands you love shirts to Reading festival and have the same print done over the top there and then ?? EDIT: Reprinting is FREE if you bring your own 1975 shirt at both LEEDS and READING!”

Check out the full post and fan reaction at Reading and Leeds to the eco-friendly merch below, and watch a video of the fans getting involved. 

Praising the move, punk star Frank Carter wrote: “This is genius. Well played. Time to get in the loft and dig out my old ones”.

The band’s step into eco-conscious clothing comes after Healy and manager Jamie Oborne claimed that climate activist Greta Thunberg was snubbed by a lot of other big artists.

NME recently described their climate-change collaboration ‘The 1975’ as a “bold, brave move, and one that might be accused of being cynical had The 1975 not got such form in putting world events into music faster than their peers.”

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