Watch a couple get married at a Taylor Swift concert

“Any Swiftie would understand the need and want to incorporate Taylor Swift in your marriage,” René Hurtado said

René Hurtado and her fiancé Max Bochman have made their attendance at a recent Taylor Swift concert an unforgettable experience by getting married mid-show.

While Swift’s ‘Seven’ poem interlude played over the speakers before transitioning to ‘Invisible String’ at the singer’s second show in Glendale, Hurtado and Bochman exchanged their vows and shared a kiss, sealing their marriage which was officiated by an ordained friend.

Hurtado said of the moment to Rolling Stone: “It was really thrilling and exciting. I’m so glad that we did it. It was really special, and the timing during the concert was so beautiful.”


“We pretty much had the best seat in the house,” she added. “It was a really wonderful experience,” she says. “Our section was so supportive and sweet to us when they saw what we were doing.”

Watch a clip of the moment below.


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Speaking on Taylor Swift’s importance in her lift, Hurtado said: “She definitely is my whole life. Any Swiftie would understand the need and want to incorporate Taylor Swift in your marriage. She has the best love songs that you dedicate to your spouse. She really is my life soundtrack and is very important to me.”

Hurtado also revealed that the couple plan to hold a wedding reception in March next year, where she will walk down to the aisle to ‘Invisible String’ and the couple will arrive at the reception party to ‘Don’t Blame Me’ off ‘Reputation’.

Hurtado also said that a member of Taylor Swift’s team gifted the couple with a guitar pick to celebrate the occassion. Taylor Swift has yet to react to the wedding, but has liked a video capturing the moment on TikTok.


Taylor Swift recently kicked off her ‘Eras’ tour in Glendale, where she debuted a career-spanning 44-song set that lasted over three hours. In a review of the showNME wrote: “More than anything, Swift’s kick-off show was a reminder of the relationships she’s developed with her loyal fan base over the past fifteen years.”

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