Watch a group of robot dogs recreate The Rolling Stones’ iconic ‘Start Me Up’ video

The Stones released a 40th-anniversary edition of ‘Tattoo You’ earlier this month

The Rolling Stones have commemorated the 40th anniversary of their classic track ‘Start Me Up’, joining forces with tech company Boston Dynamics to have their robot dogs recreate its music video.

The clip shows a group of the company’s canine-inspired Spot robots mimicking the dance moves from the Stones’ original video, using their forward claws (or “heads”) to “sing” along with the lyrics.

It’s accompanied by a remastered version of the Stones’ own video – directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg and first aired in 1981 – allowing viewers to see just how accurately these mechanical mutts have mastered Mick Jagger and co’s iconic swagger.


Take a look at the ‘Spot Me Up’ video below, then check out the full version of the Stones’ original clip:

‘Start Me Up’ was initially released in August of 1981, serving as the lead single for the Stones’ 16th album, ‘Tattoo You’. It peaked at Number Seven on the UK Singles Charts, and stands today as the band’s last single to reach the Top Ten.

The Stones released a 40th-anniversary edition of ‘Tattoo You’ earlier this month, featuring a nine-track collection of rarities titled ‘Lost & Found’. The archived songs – which include ‘Living In The Heart Of Love’ and ‘Come To The Ball’ – were all recorded in the same sessions as the main 11 tracks on ‘Tattoo You’.

The release also features ‘Still Life: Wembley Stadium 1982’, a 26-track live album from the band’s London show on the ‘Tattoo You’ tour.


The Rolling Stones are currently rocking up the US on their ‘No Filter’ tour, with the next gig slated for Texas on Tuesday November 2. It’s their first time out on the road since the passing of drummer Charlie Watts. In a recent interview, Jagger described the late sticksman as “the heartbeat for the band, and also a very steady personality”.

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