Watch AC/DC conjure up the dark arts in their new video for ‘Witch’s Spell’

The latest highlight from the Aussie rock icons’ 17th album

AC/DC have released a high-concept music video for their new single, ‘Witch’s Spell’.

The video, which features animations by production company Wolf & Crow, shows the rock ’n’ roll icons performing while trapped inside a crystal ball and on a set of tarot cards.

Watch the video for ‘Witch’s Spell’ below:


The clip comes ahead of AC/DC’s tie-in with Record Store Day 2021, for which they’ll release a limited-edition picture disc featuring ‘Witch’s Spell’ on one side, and ‘Power Up’ deep cut ‘Through the Mists of Time’ on the other.

‘Witch’s Spell’ is the latest single to arrive from AC/DC’s 17th studio album, ‘Power Up’, following ‘Shot In The Dark’, ‘Demon Fire’ and ‘Realize’.

In a four-star review of the albumNME‘s Nick Reilly said, “AC/DC devotees will no doubt revel in the sheer joy of just hearing the band preaching to the choir once more after one of the most uncertain periods in their history – including the death of founder Malcolm Young in 2017.

“And, fittingly, Malcolm’s spirit looms large on the album; his brother Angus ensured the record featured the wide array of guitar ideas and riffs that he had cooked up with Angus in the preceding decades.”

Shortly before the album’s release, vocalist Brian Johnson told NME that AC/DC had enough material for “probably two” albums left over from the ‘Power Up’ sessions.


‘Power Up’ features the largely reunited AC/DC lineup of Angus Young on lead guitar, Stevie Young on rhythm (who in 2014 replaced his late uncle Malcolm due to complications of dementia, from which he died in 2017), Phil Rudd on drums, Cliff Williams on bass and Brian Johnson on lead vocals.

Last month, Johnson joined forces with the Foo Fighters to perform AC/DC’s 1980 classic ‘Black In Black’, joining Dave Grohl and co. at the Vax Live festival in Los Angeles. Johnson recently made an appearance in Grohl’s documentary, ‘What Drives Us’, which NME called “a loving ode to life on the road”.

Fans will have a chance to learn much more about Johnson’s endeavours with AC/DC later this year, with the frontman due to release a memoir titled ‘The Lives of Brian’ in October.

Johnson replaced former singer Bon Scott following the latter’s death in 1980. Earlier this year, Angus spoke on how Scott responded to Johnson’s talents, saying Scott considered Johnson “the best singer he had seen in a long time”.

In February, Angus responded to rumours that Scott helped write ‘Back In Black’ – the album AC/DC released in Scott’s memory – saying that although he had no input on the final product, he did help out on a couple of early demos. Also in February, Angus revealed he first conceptualised the band’s smash hit ‘Highway To Hell’ while on the toilet.

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