Watch Adele try out an American accent in new ‘SNL’ teaser

She is set to host the show this weekend

Adele is poised to make her comeback this weekend as the host of the forthcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, and now some brief teasers for the episode have been released.

In clips posted to social media, Adele is seen introducing herself alongside musical guest H.E.R. and SNL cast member Kate McKinnon – all donning masks.

In the clips, there’s some confusion as to who Adele is referring to when she says ‘H.E.R.’, and Adele does a pretty impressive American accent in response to McKinnon’s, er, interesting “British” one.


Watch the teaser below:

It’s been almost five years since Adele broke records with her last album, ’25’, and there have been many red herrings as to when the follow-up is actually being released.

In February, she was filmed telling the audience at a friend’s wedding to “expect my album in September”. However, in June that was shot down after her manager confirmed new material would not be released then.

In August, she responded to a fan’s question on Instagram asking when the album would drop, to which she said “I honestly have no idea”.


While we don’t know when the album will be released yet, it’s reported that she’s working with producer Raphael Saadiq on it, in addition to John Legend.

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