Watch Adrianne Lenker perform intimate cuts from 2020 album, ‘songs’

Featuring her lead single, 'anything'

Adrianne Lenker has taken to Instagram earlier today (May 3) to casually perform a series of cuts from her third solo album, ‘songs’. Scroll down for the video.

Lenker took to Instagram live unannounced to livestream a performance that ended up consisting of ‘not a lot, just forever’, ‘forwards beckon rebound’, ‘half return’ and ‘anything’. The understated artist refrained from speaking throughout the stream, instead letting the strength and vulnerability of her latest release have its moment.

This follows a recent livestream from Big Thief – which Lenker fronts – where the band premiered ‘Simulation Swarm’, their first taste of new music since 2019’s ‘Two Hands’.


Watch Lenker’s full 17-minute solo performance below.

‘songs’ was shared in October 2020 as a double release with the aptly-titled ‘instrumentals’, a two-track album featuring no vocals. NME writer Ilana Kaplan gave the albums four stars, praising Lenker’s ability to capture “timeless, tender snapshots of grief” in a more freeing way.

“Through even her most downtrodden moments, Lenker finds room for love, opting for a directness that marks a departure from the poetic metaphors that often cloak her emotions,” she wrote.

“On the lovelorn single ‘anything’, she is unguarded as she sings, “I wanna sleep in your car while you’re driving / Lay in your lap when I’m crying.” It’s a rare moment where the singer-songwriter lays it all bare.”


Lenker also recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, back in March, where she performed ‘dragon eyes’. Watch it here.


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