Watch Alec Baldwin’s Trump parody White House meeting with Kanye West on SNL

Baldwin reprised his Trump impersonation, while Chris Redd did his best Kanye

Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live last night (October 13) to parody Trump once again as the cast spoofed the president’s recent meeting with Kanye West at the White House.

The meeting, which took place earlier this week (October 11), saw the rapper discuss his support for the president – while wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap – in an open meeting in the White House’s Oval Office attended by press.

Ex NFL player Jim Brown was also present at the televised discussion, which took place prior to a working lunch which was set to focus on topics such as urban revitalisation, new workforce training programs and more.


The cast of Saturday Night Live chose to parody this week’s meeting, with Alec Baldwin reprising his role as Trump, Chris Redd parodying West and Kenan Thompson taking on Brown.

You can watch footage of the sketch below.

In the sketch, Redd’s Kanye rambles on about his MAGA hat and the 13th amendment while Baldwin’s Trump thinks, “He doesn’t listen to anyone but himself – who does he remind me of?” Before concluding, “Oh my God, he’s black me!”

Meanwhile, Thompson’s Jim Brown is seen wondering what he’s got himself into by attending the infamous meeting.

Earlier this week, West returned to Twitter after quitting social media the week before. He shared a video rant detailing his thoughts on mind control and the negative impacts of social media.