Watch Amyl And The Sniffers’ Amy Taylor bust some moves in video for new track ‘Hertz’

The Australian punks will release their new album later this week

Amyl And The Sniffers have released a new single called ‘Hertz’ – you can watch the track’s wild video which sees Amy Taylor busting some serious moves, below.

A bruising ode to rental car fun, “Hertz” sees Taylor snarling: “I want to go to the country / I want to get out of here.”

“‘Hertz’ is a daydream of wanting to go to the country/bush and see landscapes other than the city,” Taylor said in a statement.  “It was written in 2019 but it very much sounds like a pandemic song, because it’s a daydream about being repulsed by confinement, and frustrated over being stuck in one place.”


It follows previous single ‘Security‘.

The Australian punks, announced earlier in the summer that they will release ‘Comfort To Me’, the follow-up to their 2019 self-titled debut album, this Friday (September 10) via Rough Trade Records.

On October 5, the band will premiere a filmed performance of ‘Comfort To Me’, played in full, in one take, on a slab of concrete in a suburban wasteland somewhere in Melbourne, Australia. Tickets are available on the band’s webstore here.

Describing the album, Taylor said: “If you have to explain what this record is like, I reckon it’s like watching an episode of The Nanny but the setting is an Australian car show and the Nanny cares about social issues and she’s read a couple of books, and Mr Sheffield is drinking beer in the sun.

“It’s a Mitsubishi Lancer going slightly over the speed limit in a school zone. It’s realising how good it is to wear track pants in bed.  It’s having someone who wants to cook you dinner when you’re really shattered. It’s me shadow-boxing on stage, covered in sweat, instead of sitting quietly in the corner.”


Check out the tracklist for ‘Comfort To Me’ below:

1. ‘Guided By Angels’
2. ‘Freaks To The Front’
3. ‘Choices’
4. ‘Security’
5. ‘Hertz’
6. ‘No More Tears’
7. ‘Maggot’
8. ‘Captial’
9. ‘Don’t Fence Me In’
10. ‘Knifey’
11. ‘Don’t Need A Cunt (Like you to love me)’
12. ‘Laughing’
13. ‘Snakes’

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