Oscars 2020: Watch Aurora and Idina Menzel perform at Academy Awards

The pair sang with nine other Elsa singers

Idina Menzel and Aurora took to the stage with nine other singers for a group rendition of ‘Into the Unknown’ at the Oscars on Sunday night.

Menzel returned to Academy Award stage for another performance from the Frozen franchise, this time from Frozen 2.

Menzel and Aurora were joined by nine other women from around the world who provided Elsa’s singing voice when the song was dubbed in other languages.


The voices of Elsa from Denmark, Germany, Japan, Latin America. Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain and Thailand sang in their native languages.

The Disney track, which reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s US Kid Digital Songs chart, was nominated for Best Original Song at this year’s event.

In the introduction, Josh Gad, who voices Olaf in the Frozen films, ensured he pronounced Menzel’s name correctly, joking that it sounds the same way it’s spelled.

His comment comes after John Travolta butchered her name into something that sounded like “Adele Dazeem” at the 2014 Oscars as he introduced her on stage to perform Frozen anthem ‘Let It Go’.

A few days after the Oscars, Travolta broke his silence on the mispronunciation via his publicist: “I’ve been beating myself up all day. Then I thought … what would Idina Menzel say? She’d say, ‘Let it go, let it go!’ Idina is incredibly talented and I am so happy Frozen took home two Oscars Sunday night!”


During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Menzel admitted: “For eight seconds, I felt very sorry for myself. Then I told myself, ‘Get your s***t together. This is your chance. Sing the damn song.’ But it did bother me for eight seconds. It threw me a little.”

Meanwhile, the Oscars were dominated by history-making wins for Parasite –  which became the first foreign-language film to win Best Picture in Oscars history.

It also won the awards for Best Director (Bong Joon-ho), Best Foreign Language Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Production Design and Best Film Editing.

Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor for his titular role in Joker, while Renee Zellweger scooped the Best Actress prize for her turn as Judy Garland in Judy.