Watch Beyoncé, Jay Z and Chance the Rapper perform at Hillary Clinton rally

Jay Z and Beyoncé headlined the Get Out The Vote concert

Beyoncé and Jay Z headlined a Get Out The Vote concert last night (Nov 4) in Cleveland, Ohio to support and officially endorse Hillary Clinton.

The event also featured appearances from Chance The Rapper, J. Cole, and Big Sean, before Beyoncé gave a lengthly speech about why she’s voting for Clinton.

“Eight years ago, I was so inspired to know that my nephew, a young Black child, could grow up knowing his dreams could be realised by witnessing a Black president in office,” Beyoncé said in a clip from the concert that she shared on Instagram. “And now, we have the opportunity to create more change.”


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“I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country,” she continued in the emotional speech. “And know that her possibilities are limitless.”

She urged the audience to vote for someone who cares about the future of their sons and daughters as much as she and Jay Z do. “And that is why I’m with her,” she concluded.

During her performance, Billboard reports that Beyoncé stated; “Less than 100 years ago, women did not have the right to vote. Look how far we’ve come from having no voice to being on the brink of making history by electing the first woman president. But we have to vote.”


Meanwhile, Madonna has announced she will be playing a last-minute acoustic gig next week in support of Hillary Clinton.

The surprise show will take place in New York City this Monday (November 7), on the eve of the election.

“Bitches Are You In My Gang???” the singer wrote an Instagram post. “Doing a surprise intimate very small acoustic concert Monday night in support of Hillary. Stay tuned!”

She has yet to announce the gig’s venue or a stage time for her performance.